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A revolutionary platform that allows employees to swap jobs within your organization, keeping them engaged and reducing company costs. Curious about using Swopp.me? Contact us! Send an e-mail hello@swopp.me

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Let your employees swap jobs!

Keep your people engaged, happy and learning.

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How does it work?

  • Employees define current role and career path interests for a job swap.
  • Our AI algorithm match them with similar peers across the company.
  • HR oversees and control all the process to make it happen.

Increase Employee Retention

Swopp.me is a unique and powerful tool for employee retention!


The real story

After around 10 years working as worldwide employees, Laura and David realized that there is a problem on how managers and companies create and slot people into jobs, working on silos get employees bored pretty soon and eventually they leave to continue learning and growing.

Mirza was self-employed in Western Europe having the freedom of being his own boss, deciding what to do and how to learn. He used to discuss with his colleagues how good it would be if we could blend the best of these 2 worlds and then is when Swopp.me popped up on his life...

The 3 of us are an example of the future of working, sitting in different countries, with different backgrounds and experiences connected by the same idea of disrupting the current job market search.

Join us on this amazing journey!

The Swopp.me Team